Extend Your Swim Season with the Perfect Pool Heater

As the sun begins to set earlier and the air takes on a cool, crisp edge, it’s easy to feel a sense of longing for those warm, sunny days by the pool. But what if we told you that you could extend your swim season well beyond the typical summer months? The secret? A pool heater. Harnessing the power of a pool heater for your beloved above ground pool can extend your swim season significantly. 

At Doughboy® Pools, our mission is to transform your swimming experience and make every season a pool season. Let’s explore the exciting world of pool heaters and discover how they can revolutionize your Doughboy pool adventures.

Embrace Year-Round Joy with a Pool Heater

Why limit your pool fun to just a few months of the year? With a top-notch pool heater, you’re no longer at the mercy of changing temperatures. Picture yourself gliding through the water, soaking in the scenic beauty of fall foliage, or starting your day with an invigorating swim in early spring. By investing in a pool heater, you’re giving yourself the gift of year-round enjoyment and turning your pool into a captivating oasis, no matter the season.

Unwind in Ultimate Comfort

There’s a certain magic in immersing yourself in warm water on a cool day. It’s a sensation that instantly melts away stress and transports you to a realm of tranquility. A pool heater lets you create this blissful haven of comfort, where you can unwind after a long day, bond with loved ones, or simply lose yourself in the peaceful embrace of your Doughboy pool. The experience becomes more than just swimming; it’s a holistic relaxation ritual that rejuvenates your body and soul.

Elevate Your Well-Being

Swimming isn’t just fun; it’s a fantastic way to stay fit and healthy. The thought of diving into cold water, however, can sometimes be a deterrent to your fitness routine. Enter the pool heater — your gateway to seamless exercise. Whether you’re dedicated to maintaining your workout regimen or you’re looking for a low-impact way to stay active, a heated pool ensures that you never have to compromise your health goals due to chilly water temperatures.

A Toast to Doughboy Excellence

At Doughboy Pools, we’ve built a legacy of providing exceptional above-ground pools that stand the test of time. While we’re not in the business of selling pool heaters directly, we’ve aligned ourselves with a network of trusted local dealers who are experts in the field. They share our commitment to quality and can guide you in choosing the ideal pool heater to complement your Doughboy pool, ensuring a seamless integration that enhances your swimming experience.

Connect with Your Local Dealer

Curious about the world of pool heaters and how they can transform your Doughboy pool? Your journey begins by connecting with a local Doughboy dealer. Our user-friendly “Find a Dealer” button on our website is your gateway to a treasure trove of expertise. Reach out to a knowledgeable dealer who can help you explore a range of pool heater options and find the perfect match for your needs, seamlessly aligning with your Doughboy pool setup.

As the seasons shift and nature’s colors transform, your Doughboy pool remains a steadfast source of delight. With the addition of a cutting-edge pool heater, you have the power to extend your swim season, amplify your well-being, and create cherished memories year-round. 

Explore the world of endless possibilities by visiting our website today and connecting with a local Doughboy dealer. Get ready to elevate your swimming experience, enhance your lifestyle, and embark on a journey of discovery that’s as exhilarating as slipping into your heated Doughboy pool waters.


  • Steel
  • Resin
  • Hydrosphere

Palm Shore

Round 12′, 16′, 18′, 21′, 24′, 28′, 32′
Oval 18′ X 12′, 20′ X 12′, 24’ ′ X 12′, 28′ X 12′, 32′ X 12′, 24′ x 16′, 28′ X 16′, 32′ X 16′, 34′ X 18′, 41′ X 21’

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Round 8′, 12’, 16’, 18’, 21’, 24’, 28’
Oval 20’X12’, 24’X12’, 28’x12’ (only 48” sidewall), 32’X12’,
24’X16’, 28’X16’, 32’X16’, 34’X18’ (only 48” sidewall)

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Silver Lake

Round 12′, 16′, 18′, 21′, 24′, 28′
Oval 20’X12′, 24’X12′, 24’X16′, 28’X12′, 28’X16′, 32’X16′, 34’X18′, 38’X18′ and 41′ x 21′

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Copper Canyon

Round 12′, 16′, 18′, 21′, 24′, 28′
Oval 18′ X 12′, 20′ X 12′, 24′ X 12′, 28′ X 12′, 24′ X 16′, 28′ X 16′, 32′ X 16′, 34′ X 18′, 38′ X 18′ and 41′ X 21′

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Autumn Breeze

Round: 8′, 12′, 16′, 18′, 21′, 24′, 28′
Oval:20′ x 12′, 24′ x 12′, 28′ x 12′, 32′ x 12′, 24′ x 16′, 28′ x 16′, 32′ x 16′, 34′ x 18′, 38′ x 18′, 41′ x 21′, 44′ x 12′, 40′ x 16′

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Round:  8′, 12′ , 16′ , 18′, 21′,  24′, 28′
Oval: 24′ x 12′, 24′ x 16′, 28′ x 16′,  32′ x 16′, 34′ x 18′, 38″ x 18′, 41′ x 21′

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Desert Spring

Round 12′, 16′, 18′, 21′, 24′, 28′, 32′
Oval 18′ X12′, 20′ X12′, 24′ X12′, 28′ X12′, 32′ X12′, 24′ X16′, 28′ X16′, 32′ X16′, 34′ X18′, 38′ X18′, 41′ X21′

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Pearl River

Round: 8′, 12′, 16′, 18′, 21′, 24′, 28′, 32′
Oval: 18′ x 12′, 20′ x 12′, 24′ x 12′, 28′ x 12’ , 32′ x 12′, 24′ x 16′, 28′ x 16′, 32′ x 16′, 34′ x 18′, 38′ x 18′, 41′ x 21′

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Doughboy’s Hydrosphere Series Pools are the perfect solution when recessing your pool 2 feet or more into the ground. Simple Shapes + Simple Installation + Simple Designs = Inground quality at affordable prices.

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